About Us

Who we are?

We are team Lala Maqsood

Mr lala Maqsood has been an inspiration to many of us and we are his team who are helping him gain recognition for the projects he has completed with his utmost hard work. We also vow to raise awareness about the problems that our fellow men in the backward communities are facing, and to create more ways to help them.

Our mission

Lala Maqsood considers himself lucky to be able to change people’s lives for the better without worrying about his own well-being. Because he trusts that everything will always be all right. His mission is to better the lives of our fellow humans who do not have the luxury to fresh and clean water. He believes that with a little of our efforts, we can improve their lifestyles and help them gain access to areas of accumulated water by the sources of nature. As privileged ones, it falls upon our shoulders to help the underprivileged and this is what we hope to attain through our welfare work and through different projects we have completed.

Our vision

In the long term, we aim to create awareness about the welfare work we are doing. Mr. Lala believes that as long as we dream bigger, work harder, and believe, everything will be alright and God will help us, and that is what he is doing! He believes that our success in the missions we have put forward, will also encourage other to step up with us. Furthermore, raising awareness about this subject raises our chances to create more projects of human welfare which can yield to even better results for our backward communities. Not only that, but the shared welfare of the people will present a positive image of our country and might serve as a lesson for other countries to improve themselves.

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