Our Causes

Tree plantation

Mr. Lala Maqsood has donated thousands of trees, making his dream of restoring the beauty of the lower-class areas a success.

Logistic and Educational support to schools

Education is our gateway to success and this is what Lala believes. Among the basic necessities of life that are missing in the low-class villages, education is another major thing that is not present.

Ration supply to widows

Corona Virus has been responsible for taking hundreds and thousands of lives. Backward areas have been especially hit worse than developed areas because of lack of testing facilities, lack of hospitals, and lack of awareness.

Donations for Creating Lakes ('dams' according to the native people)

If giving a dam(n) sounds like a good idea to you, there are two options for donations: You can fund the entire project, or you can donate any amount that feels right for you.

Become A Volunteer